Unified Endpoint Management: Addressing the Challenges to Updating and Patching Windows 10 - woensdag 30 maart 2016

Are you planning to move to Windows 10, but notsure how to maintain the constant flow of updates? Windows 10 is a greatoperating system and eventually all Windows shops will want to move. However, it'simportant you have a plan and the right processes in place to make sure youdon't get overrun by Windows 10 updates and patches. 

Join endpoint security expert Stephen Brown andWindows client management expert Rex McMillan for this webinar to learn moreabout: 

  • Identifying top concerns to maintaining Windows 10
  • Security issues and network impacts you should plan for
  • How to automate staged updates to Windows 10

Stephen Brown | Director of Product Management | Ivanti

Rex McMillan | Principal Product Manager | Ivanti